Being able to attract the perfect partner into your life!edel2

Do you really know what it is you want?

Are you aimlessly drifting through life hoping things will get better?
The most important aspect you need to master in becoming a confident creator of your own reality…is YOU.

Do you know who you are?….    Do you like who you are?…

YOU have been asking questions, YOU have been looking for answers, YOU have been feeling like there is more to love…There is! Make your perfect partner come to you.

Now is where you uncover the magnificence of who you really are. Now is the time to take control of your life experience…find it…create it…love it.

Join us as Edel O’Mahony and I discuss what it takes to have the ATTRACTION FACTOR, and how to attract the partner of your dreams now.

Edel is a Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Radio Presenter & Qualified Coach UK’s Leading Law of Attraction Strategist

About Edel

 Edel O’Mahony Consultancy

Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Radio Presenter & Qualified Coach

 UK’s Leading Law of Attraction Strategist
Edel a connected Spiritual Being. Bringing words to the International public, in a way everyone can understand…can connect…can awaken their own inner energy.
People, who have met Edel, feel they are in the presences of something special. They know she speaks the truth and are inspired by her words and actions. Edel really does ‘walk her talk’.

Through personal trauma and numerous life challenges Edel believed always in unleashing the true magnificence and energy within her.

Raising 4 children on her own, she went on to build a successful career in Corporate Finance.

Having created a full course on Law of Attraction, written published articles and presented on radio, she is ever-growing and evolving. Some of her next projects include publishing her books, interactive radio, TV, seminars and bringing her groundbreaking 3 day event to the International public.