Finding Love On-LIE-ne – The Truth of Cyber-Dating

We’ve all either experienced or heard about the horror stories when it comes to cyber-dating.  The man who said he’sliarliarlist 6’4” is really 4’6” or the woman who says she’s 37 turns out to be 57 – well not anymore thanks to Is your Online Dream Date a LIAR? Shorter? Taller? Fatter? Greyer? Older? Balder? Do you wish you could set their lying pants on fire?

Created by Founder/CEO Beth Greenfield, after her own cyber-dating experiences, is a newly launched entertainment portal which contains humorous, interactive and unique features designed to expose liars with their “pants” down.

Beth joins Finding Your Love Now radio show to discuss, the top cyber-dating lies and how to find real love in a 2.0 world.

Beth Greenfield: Founder/CEO

A writer, marketing executive and entrepreneur, Beth Greenfield is the founder and CEO of, a website devoted to online dating reviews. Prior to the site’s launch in June 2010 and over the course of thirty years, Greenfield has been involved in a variety of businesses and projects.

During the ‘80s and ‘90s, she served as a writer and account executive for CenterStage Productions, Inc., a boutique graphic design firm whose clients included General Electric, Apple Computer, Pepsi Cola, Richardson Vicks, MCI, McCann Erickson, Pitney Bowes and Georgia Pacific. Greenfield was instrumental in packaging the firm for sale in 1994. From 1994 to 1997, she was half of the writer/graphic design team known as A Buck or Two, specializing in website design and printed marketing communications.

Is an entrepreneur, Greenfield established Executive Room Service, an innovative company providing comfortably-furnished apartments/condominiums for executives relocating to Connecticut. Bought by a Fairfield County, CT, real estate company, 23 years later the now multi-million dollar company remains a very viable business.

In 1997, she founded and published Mountain Views, a weekly community newspaper that reached a circulation of approximately 40,000 in the towns of Sierra Madre, Monrovia and Altadena. Greenfield sold the paper in 2004.

In 2007, Greenfield setup Penthouse Suite, LLC, a unique pet care business catering to guests visiting four and five-star hotels in Beverly Hills/Santa Monica and other upscale communities. The short-lived business was closed because of intervening family considerations.

Her writing credits include several original screenplays and rewrites for several more. Most recently, Greenfield was part of a team that sold a potential sitcom to ABC television.